What Makes
Truly Valuable?



We recognize that the work can be overwhelming at times, which is why it is our passion to use the power of home organization and minimalism to empower you with a lasting sense of relief by helping you feel comfortable and efficient in your home. We believe that having an effective living space is the best way to achieve mental clarity and to feel an overwhelming daily sense of relief.



Listening leads to understanding

keep it simple - reliefkey - principles.

Keep it simple


Innovative thinking creates solutions


Make People Laugh

be absurdly clear in your communication

Be absurdly clear in your communication

Learn from mistakes - reliefkey - princi

Mistakes are an opportunity to learn and make something better


Passion and work should be one and the same


Do more than we are paid for

Be willing to start from scratch - relie

Be Willing to start from scratch

value honesty and quality work - reliefk

Value honesty and high quality work

Meet Your Professional Organizer

JP Taxman

It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is JP Taxman, your personal organizer. I’m all about custom solutions that fit your needs perfectly. I decided to build relief when I recognized the glorious feeling of relief I received from designing my life and home to be more efficient.


Developing systems in my home made it easier for me to overcome the dark days full of loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Through this realization, I have made it my personal mission to spread this feeling of relief with others. My journey with relief has allowed me to explore the importance of how innovative thinking can impact our everyday lives, and ultimately, reduce our daily frustrations.


While working alongside each other, I am prepared to share my passion with you and help you organize your home and increase your daily sense of relief.